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Online German Courses - For English speakers, A1-C2 on Skype

Learn German online – Individual course formats for your need!

Would you like to learn German online for work or improve your everyday German with an online language course? Our language school offers a wide range of course formats for all levels A1-C2, including conversation lessons, writing and style training, as well as exam and presentation preparation for professionals, the self-employed and students.

Our online German courses are ideal for people who, because of their work or other reasons, cannot attend a language school, but still want to learn German at a professional level.

100% certified teachers in all our Online German Courses!

All German teachers at our language school are trained language teachers and specialized in teaching standard German with clear diction. In our Online German Courses, we use the right methods for beginners and advanced learners. We also offer you a language course for academic German at C2 level, as well as a job-related online German course for trade and industry.

If you would like to learn German online in private lessons, it goes without saying that you want a teacher who is a German native speaker. That is exactly what you get when choosing an online German course with us!

Our Online German Courses (via Skype) are conducted with a lot of creativity, humor and interaction, paired with a high level of media competence! We select the most suitable German teacher from our team for you! via Skype
"As language educators, we are your competent contact for online language courses!" – P. Leeck

Online German Courses – Great success with many advantages!

Private online lessons are a very effective and flexible way to learn German. You determine the content, the pace, the frequency and, of course, when the appointments take place.

Your advantages at one glace:

    ...Ihre Vorteile  Learn German online, via Skype – that's 100% communicative!
    ...Ihre Vorteile  Choose a day and time convenient for you – can be adjusted!
    ...Ihre Vorteile  One-on-one activity – your choice of content at your pace!
    ...Ihre Vorteile  More than 20 certified German teachers – learning with professionals!
    ...Ihre Vorteile  Our school management – personal contact, no anonymity!

Even if the lesson cannot take place, you won't miss a thing! We combine the online German course with innovative didactic modules that you can work on at a time convenient for you: German courses

Our experience is your gain!

Our customers who have booked online German courses include private individuals, self-employed people, freelancers, academics, small and medium-sized companies, associations and scientific institutes.

No matter whether you are an engineer from India, an IT specialist from Taiwan, a skilled worker from the U.S.A. or a nurse from Romania. As an online language school, we offer private lessons for a wide variety of professions.

Contact us now!

German online courses – We grant discounts up to 15%!

Depending on whether you want to learn German online because you just want to give it a try or you want to learn intensively and/or weekly - the language courses online via Skype are tailored to your needs. Here are some examples of how to plan a language course online via Skype:

Standard price
per lesson
€41,50 / lesson
Discounted price
if you book 20 lessons at once
€36,50 / lesson
Material/processing fee
only once for each level A1, A2 etc.

German lessons for groups

The lesson units amount to 45 minutes, according to the German system. If you want to cover several levels A1-C2 within the scope of your language course, it is also possible for two to learn together and to share the costs! Lessons will be charged on a monthly basis, always on the first day of the month. The monthly payment can be made by bank transfer or direct debit (IBAN).

For any clarifications you may call us at 0202-3726637 or write us an email at – We will answer quickly, for you to start learning German online very soon!

German online courses    Learn German online!    German online lessons

Assessment tests

Our online German courses offer an excellent preparation for the following exams:  » Telc  » Goethe  » DHS  » TestDaf  » WiDaF®.

After having signed up for a German course, please come to school, or contact us by phone for a short assessment. You can also test your German skills online.

...German courses from A1 to C2

Our staff

...native speakers, professionals and always up to date

We are a team of professional German language teachers, always up to date with methodology and current developments in foreign language teaching.

As professionals, we always take into account your needs and apply the most feasible methods for your circumstances. If you want to learn German online, choose the best – choose us!

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Here our students' feedback!

"I am looking forward to start the new course! It’s funny and helpful to learn with you."

Roberta, B2 German classes, May 2018

"The teacher is very professional, she always prepares the lesson in advance and she adapted to my needs."

Angelo, C1 evening course, April 2017

Learn German online – German courses for all levels (A1–C2)

Regardless of whether you want to learn German online as an employee or as a self-employed person, as an expat, a teacher, researcher or engineer, our online language lessons offer the right course for everyone. German learners can take a German course online for beginners without fear of being overwhelmed. For every course A1-C2 we offer a variety of exercises for all skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).

Many textbook publishers have offers on their website with which you can support your online German course and learn German online by yourself and, above all, free of charge (e.g. Hueber, Klett). You can also use Deutsche Welle and lingolia.

For any questions, you may call us at 0202-3726637 or write us an email at – You will be able to start your German course online very soon!