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Translation office

Certified translation services - Translation office English-German and German-English

Sworn translations German-English and English-German, certified by a sworn translator. Translations of corporate, personal, and legal documents. We are a translation office for the German and English language.

Sworn translators for English-German – You are on the safe side with us!

Our team is made up of sworn translators, real professionals qualified to translate from English to German, and from German to English. We will use American English, British English, or any other variety you prefer. Thanks to our skills and many years of experience, we are able to assure you a fast and 100% reliable service. Our sworn translators are listed with the British Embassy Berlin (GOV.UK), various German District Courts as well as other consulates and embassies.

Our translation office – Services throughout North Rhine-Westphalia

Since 2013, our translation office has been offering certified, sworn and legalized translations for clients from the following NRW cities: Bielefeld, Paderborn, Münster, Wuppertal, Remscheid, Solingen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Leverkusen and Bonn. Our services are also available for those who live in Siegen, Aachen, Krefeld or Mönchengladbach or in the Ruhr area, i.e., in Duisburg, Mülheim, Oberhausen, Essen, Bochum Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund and Hagen.

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"Team work is part and parcel of the success of our translation office!"

Translations with seal and signature of the sworn translator

Our translation office team focuses on the standards set by ISO 17100. Therefore, our certified translations guarantee high quality. Furthermore, we also offer you priority translations with turnaround times between 24 hours (for urgent cases) and 72 hours.

Your benefits with us:

    ...certified translations  Assessment of your individual needs – A big money saver!
    ...certified translations  All-inclusive prices – 100% transparency right from the start
    ...certified translations  Direct contact with the translation team!
    ...certified translations  Digital signature, apostille and delivery to the address indicated by you
    ...certified translations  Translations valid all over Germany, as well as USA, GB and worldwide

Our translation office is specialised in the legal field

Whether you need a German-English or an English-German translation, we are always very careful about the specific legal terminology of the target language. In our capacity as court translators, we have built up a huge record of experience in the legal field. Our translation office staff is active in all areas of public and private law.

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Call us at 0202-3726637 or send us an e-mail by writing to Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible!

We translate everything – certified translations English from A to Z!

As authorized translators for English with our signatures on file with the district court as well as the British and American consulate, we offer certified translations (translations with stamp and signature). Thanks to our teamwork and years of experience with courts, authorities, and consulates, we have mastered all possible types of documents from A to Z:

Personal registration certificates:

     ...Ihre Vorteile  Birth register
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Marriage certificate
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Certificate of divorce
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Death certificate
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Acknowledgement of paternity

Academic and work-related documents:

     ...Ihre Vorteile  School grade reports
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Summary of marks
     ...Ihre Vorteile  College diplomas
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Employer's references

Additional documents:

     ...Ihre Vorteile  Insurance policies
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Driving licenses
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Notarial deeds
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Tax assessment notices
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Pension approval certificates
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Official loss or theft statements

For business customers:

     ...Ihre Vorteile  Contracts of employment
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Bank contracts
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Extracts from the commercial register
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Annual financial statements
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Declarations of Conformity
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Lawsuits
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Expert opinion
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Technical data sheets
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Award documents
     ...Ihre Vorteile  Affidavits of service

     ...and many more!

Certified translation German-English - For bargain hunters!

As soon as you send the document by email, mail or WhatsApp to our team of English translators, we will clarify all the necessary details and will be happy to give you our assessment, e.g., whether only certain parts of a longer document need to be translated or the whole, as even extracts of translations are recognized by the authorities, provided they have been produced by a court-sworn translator.

These are our prices:


57.70 Euros (per page)
28.75 Euros (per half a page)

Service charge

17.85 Euros (per document)

The prices include VAT. After receipt of payment, you will be issued an invoice. We charge 1.55–2.15 euros per standard line (55 characters each) in the source text for extensive texts such as notary contracts, shareholder agreements, divorce decrees, etc. As soon as we have received your document for translation out of or into the English language, we will let you know the price.

Translation with stamp and apostille

Übersetzung mit Stempel
...translation with authentication

Our freelance translation office for North Rhine-Westphalia provides you with first-hand certified translations. We certify the correctness and completeness of the translations with stamp and signature (according to article 142 (3) of the German CPR in connection with the respective state laws).

You can submit this certified translation to tax offices, authorities, courts and notaries - throughout Germany and abroad!

We also obtain the necessary legalizations and apostilles for official purposes and national as well as international legal transactions.

Feedback from our customers

“Thank you so much for being able to translate my licenses and patents so quickly. I will now specifically contact my opinion leaders abroad.”

Manuela S., entrepreneur, August 2020

“We really appreciate your professional teamwork! Sworn translators doing a great job like you have an immense impact on procedures running smoothly in our authorities. We are looking forward to working with you again!”

Udo L., government employee, March 2019

Translation office for German-English English-German

We create certified translations for customers from all over Germany, i.e., certified translations with the stamp of a legally sworn translator. We translate from German and into German. We produce certified translations with legalization, apostille, delivery to the address of your choice, deadlines, partial translations and interpreting for the registry office, trade office or other authorities.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a certified translation in one of the big cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Bochum or Dortmund, or whether you are looking for a sworn translator in a smaller city: We handle every single project with 100% cost transparency and short completion terms. Our translation agency is represented throughout North Rhine-Westphalia with our acceptance offices.